Why should
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Natural User


Humans internalize declarative
pointing at the age of 1.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome costs
the US $1.2 to 2.3 bn. per year.
The eye can identify an image in
13 milliseconds. Gaze tracking provides
real time access to our point of focus.

The average person processes about
400 words per minute, speaks 160 words per minute,
but types only 33 words per minute.

NUIA makes human-machine-interaction more productive and more attractive

4tiitoo created the software platform NUIA Productivity+ to increase the productivity, ergonomics and appeal of computer workplaces by controlling enterprise applications based on user intention, using a combination of eye tracking and artificial intelligence.


Everyday Use Cases

We want to make eye control for every day computing a normality. NUIA will bring intuitive and natural control to your everyday apps and websites!

Intuitive User Experience

With NUIA, computer interaction by gaze, voice or gesture becomes as natural as communicating with your best friend.

Easy to implement

Our NUIA software manages all aspects of natural user interaction behind the scenes. Sensors automatically connect, and both sensors and interaction adapt to the applications in use.

The Bridge from Sensors to Applications

NUIA is a powerful software middle layer designed to bridge the gap between sensors and applications, allowing natural user interaction based on gesture recognition, eye tracking, or speech input to be used in your favorite applications. NUIA’s Input Injection™ Technology adapts and translates sensor input for the capabilities of the application or program you want to use.

With NUIA, there is no need to wait for independent software vendors to enable the app itself, as our software leverages existing functionality. Many programs are already enabled and configured within NUIA, and it is a simple matter to add a special use case for your favorite app.

NUIA’s core works unseen, handling all the complex tasks required to ensure a seamless integration of sensor technology with your favorite software.

NUIA Overview - Content for perceptual computing and sensors such as eyetracking gesture control and voice recognition

Creating your Unique Solution

NUIA comes with an extensive software development kit (SDK) to enable natural user interactions within any application. Interfaces designed from the ground up with Natural User Interaction in mind can take advantage of additional features in order to create an even more immersive experience.

If you are creating a custom application, and you want to integrate gesture, speech or eye tracking functionality, NUIA is your best solution. Whether existing APIs are being integrated from an application in development, or the application is built using the NUIA SDK, we offer access to all the high level interface elements and low level algorithms a developer could possibly need.

With our robust feature set and industry leading expertise, collaborating with us could not be easier!

Use Cases right from the Start

New sensor technologies, such as gesture sensors or eye trackers, naturally face a ‘chicken or the egg’ conundrum when it comes to use cases and installed user base.

With PCs, laptops, and mobile devices so ingrained in our daily lives, and standardized keyboard, mouse and touch interfaces accepted as the norm, it can be an up-hill battle to win the hearts and minds of users. People do not easily change, and are resistant to altering the way they interact with a favorite application.

We at 4tiitoo know the importance of working in familiar territory, and that change needs to be applied to the most popular programs and applications first, to gain traction. Whether you use Microsoft Office, iTunes, Adobe Photoshop, League of Legends, or any application, we want to make Natural User Interaction (NUIA) normality.

Contact us to empower your applications with NUI sensor compatibility today!

NUIA provides many Intel RealSense apps and games


Are you launching a sensor powered device or do you already have one in the field? Find out more about NUI turnkey packages for OEMs and ODMs and how to help customers get more from your product!

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