4tiitoo at IHK München panel discussion about digitalization and Industry 4.0


19 Jul 4tiitoo at IHK München panel discussion about digitalization and Industry 4.0

Last Thursday 4tiitoo’s managing director Tore Meyer participated in a panel discussion at the IHK München und Oberbayern event “Business Models – new chances through digitalization”.  The discussion about the trend industry 4.0 was centered around how companies can make their factories smarter and how innovation is best implemented into a company.

“Often it is not easy to integrate promising innovations into a company’s established mindset and processes”, emphasized Tore Meyer during the panel discussion. “Innovating can mean high costs, high risks and lots of time wasted for a company. NUIA is a great example of how companies can innovate in a highly convenient, low risky and cost-efficient way.” By combining latest sensor technology with smart algorithms NUIA facilitates working with devices and applications up to an increase in efficiency of more than 30%. For example work flows in CAD and PLM applications can be improved immensely with eye tracking besides the higher comfort employees can enjoy in their every day work.”

4tiitoo’s software platform NUIA uses eye tracking hardware from vendors like Tobii or SMI to control any application or web service more efficiently and intuitively. It runs on all Windows platforms and environments such as desktop computers and notebooks, but also future workplaces equipped with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) headsets.

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