NUIA was selected into the PlugAndPlay Accelerator program in Silicon Valley


10 Sep NUIA was selected into the PlugAndPlay Accelerator program in Silicon Valley

After sourcing 1.200 startups, Plug and Play Tech Center’s Internet of Things Platform of Innovation has chosen NUIA as one of 22 startups for its third batch of the program. The startups selected are creating solutions focused in automotive, industrial, and consumer fields.

NUIA allows people to interact naturally with everyday devices and applications using voice, gestures and gaze. It predicts the user’s intentions and allows devices to act automatically and more intelligently.

As cross-sensor platform it processes data from Eye Trackers (e.g Tobii EyeX, SMI Red-OEM), 3D Cameras/Wearables (e.g. Intel RealSense, Leap Motion, Myo), Speech Recognition Engines (e.g. Nuance, Microsoft) and IoT Sensors and connects them with any environment (e.g. Workstation, Mobile, TV, Control Panel, HUD, VR/AR Headset, 3D CAVE) and any application or web service.

Previous projects from above industries include “Control HUD and center control via eye tracking”,  “Control 3D CAVE via gestures and speech”, “Control CAD app via eye tracking, gestures and speech”, “Control display via eye tracking” and “Control industry machine via eye tracking and face recognition”.

Benefits for HMI Prototyping
• Proven HMI models and feature rich middle layer reduce time from idea to HMI prototype up to 70%
• NUIA’s Rapid Prototyping Technology converts ideas to user tested HMI models 3 times faster
• NUIA enables single and multi-sensor solutions with consistent and intuitive user experience


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