The Company

4tiitoo/NUIA is a pioneer in the development of natural user experience focused software, solutions and business models. Founded by Tore Meyer and Stephan Odörfer the company’s purpose is to bring a more intuitive user experience to the daily computer interaction.

Together with our customers, including leading computer OEMs, sensor manufacturers as well as companies from automotive, aviation, mechanical engineering, medical and pharmaceutical, digital signage, and more we are poised to make the next great evolution in human-machine interaction possible.

What we do

We want to fundamentally change the way you interact with your computer or mobile device!

Our every effort is working towards development of our patent-pending NUIA (Natural User InterAction) technology, in order to enhance the next generation of computing devices with more intuitive, efficient and natural interfaces using technologies such as 3D and gesture cameras and wearables, eye trackers, speech recognition, and VR and AR headsets.

Eye Tracking

Our development of eye tracking software is focused on rapid interaction and on unobtrusive detection of interest for remote eye trackers and smart glasses alike.

Speech Input

Voice input development comprises recognition of complex commands, and accurate text input whether in front of the device, over a headset, or across the room.

Gesture Recognition

Our development for gesture recognition aims to create intuitive gesture commands and directional input that is accurate from in front of the device, or from across the room.

Open Positions

Not only are we building a new and innovative product that is generating ever increasing consumer interest, we are also building an entirely novel way to interact with your devices. We want to spark the next trend in device technology and to support our expansion, we are looking for the best and most talented software engineers, media designers and marketeers!



You don’t match one of the above profiles, but still feel you are a great fit for our organization and want to shape the future of computing?


Or you are looking for a company to support your Bachelor/Master Thesis in the area of gaze tracking, motion control or voice recognition?


If so, let us know. Send us an informal application, including a CV, to!


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