NUIA Collaboration+

The World is your Desktop

NUIA Collaboration+ is a collaboration tool for mixed reality headsets that enables users to take advantage of real-world meetings in remote meetings and in some cases even surpass them. Users enter virtual project rooms and can work on documents or share and discuss content with their familiar applications, as they are used to from real world meetings, without being in the same place. All content can be commented and edited live.


  • Improved
    remote collaboration

  • Use your full
    memory potential

  • Optimal sharing of

  • Full access to
    computer content

Augmented Reality allows a completely new way of interacting with your PC content in a three-dimensional space. This allows people working in separate locations to enter a common virtual room and simulates a meeting experience as if they were all at the same place. NUIA Collaboration+ offers you the possibility to access your entire PC content and to interact with colleagues and partners naturally.

The human brain has the evolutionary ability to “always find its way home”, i.e. to locate things in 3-dimensional space. NUIA Collaboration+ uses exactly this ability. Each project gets its own room in which content is placed. Even if you “re-enter” it weeks later, you know immediately where to find your content.

You can place any number of HoloScreens in a room for optimal sharing of information. Discuss contents and edit them simultaneously with your conversation partner. You decide who has access to your files and who does not.

With NUIA Collaboration+ you have full access to your entire PC content. You can work with all your applications and files in your Mixed Reality Headset as usual and experience your PC contents in 3D. You can place as many applications and files in the room as you want and rearrange them as needed.


Template Decks

NUIA Template-Decks bieten Ihnen Best-Practice-Vorlagen, mit denen Sie direkt und effizient starten können. Die entsprechenden Dokumente werden Stück für Stück in die entsprechenden Platzhalter gesetzt, die To-dos werden direkt neben dem Inhalt platziert und der Weg zum Projekterfolg ist klar vorgezeichnet

Project Documentation
Project Rooms
Live Interaction

Areas of application

Remote teams often use a variety of remote collaboration tools to exchange or discuss files or to communicate with each other. NUIA Collaboration+ is a comprehensive solution to ensure an optimal meeting experience. Discuss project contents and edit them if necessary. Afterwards, share all necessary files with your project members.

Whiteboards and brown paper are still standard equipment in meeting rooms today. These not only have to be replaced or reordered regularly, but are also limited in their possible applications. Be it in space or in mobility. With NUIA Collaboration+ you can freely attach, present and edit your charts, tables and documents on any number of HoloDecks in the room.

The new world of work brings with it new working models. The home office workplace is becoming increasingly important. A realistic integration of home office workstations in the company is therefore of utmost importance. Thanks to Augmented Reality, NUIA Collaboration+ enables realistic interaction with employees who work from home and also enables new forms of recruiting for companies.

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