NUIA perfectly adapted to your

Natural interaction based on gaze, gestures and speech can optimize almost every area of your business. Communicate more comfortably, efficiently and naturally with computers, devices and machines with NUIA.


Gaze, gestures and speech – multimodality is essential for natural human communication. The NUIA platform combines the latest findings and best practice in natural user interaction in a multimodal interaction model.

Numerous application scenarios:
Transform every aspect of your computer workstations

Whether automation & machine control, digital signage or hands-free interaction (e.g. at the workplace or in medicine) – and countless other areas: Thanks to NUIA’s flexible architecture, a wide variety of application scenarios can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

NUIA supports all sensors from leading manufacturers

  • Tobii
  • SMI
  • eye tribe
  • Leap motion
  • MYO
  • Prime
  • kinect
  • microchip
  • Creative
  • nod
  • pmd
  • softkinetic
  • RealSense
  • microsoft
  • RealSense
  • alexa
  • nuance

With NUIA, processes can be optimized in many areas of your company. Drive digital change in your company together with us.

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