NUIA Productivity+

One gaze ahead

NUIA Productivity+ is a software platform based on eye tracking and artificial intelligence to increase productivity at computer workstations. The innovative software allows the user to significantly reduce mouse movements, mouse clicks and changing hands from keyboard to mouse and back.


  • Fewer mouse

  • Increase the

  • Optimization of

  • Reduction of the
    Load on Workplace

Power users travel up to 6km a day with their mouse. They generate between 3,000 and 8,000 clicks per day. These interactions are often avoidable distances, such as switching tools in CAD applications or closing applications. Thanks to NUIA, you can save a large part of these everyday mouse movements and clicks by using eye control.

The reduction of mouse movements and the intuitive and fast interaction through eye control increases productivity at computer workstations. NUIA Productivity+ supports a variety of daily tasks, such as switching between applications, windows or tabs, scrolling long lists or websites, but also working within applications in which you frequently switch between different tools. Depending on the workplace, you will save between 15 and 70 minutes per day.

NUIA Productivity+ optimizes specific work steps. Gaze control enables the execution of various work processes at gaze speed. This applies to the computer workstation as well as to the shop floor.

NUIA Productivity+ offers ergonomic advantages through gaze control. The simple and intuitive operation is not only user-friendly, the significant saving of mouse interactions also prevents painful injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. This offers sustainable advantages for employers and employees right from the first use.


Gaze Click

Auswahl aller klickbaren Elemente auf dem Bildschirm durch das Auge – Aktivierung durch den Blick, die Maus bzw. die Tastatur

Gaze Scrolling
Gaze Capture
Smart Teleport

Areas of application

Everyday we use a wide variety of tools and applications, from Windows tools such as snipping and browser use to office applications. Actions such as scrolling texts, selecting menu items or browsing have become an integral part of our daily work experience. In most of these actions, the natural workflow is disturbed by the fact that the mouse must be used in addition to the action actually planned (e.g. reading a longer text, selecting a link, leafing back through the page, sending an e-mail or even formatting a paragraph) or frequent switching between keyboard and mouse.

In the highly complex CAD area, a large number of toolbars, drop-down menus and dialog boxes are used. In addition, the user can, for example, work in one or more windows simultaneously, show or hide objects, assign attributes or lock/unlock them. All these actions are done by extensive use of the mouse. Mouse activities can cover up to six kilometres a day with up to 5,000 clicks.

ERP solutions such as SAP or Oracle provide a large number of input fields in numerous tabs. The user must switch to the next field/form each time he enters data by moving the mouse or pressing a key combination. Also, frequent copying and pasting into a certain field, which is in a different tab, slows down productivity.

How can we create a more efficient but also more meaningful working environment for our employees when we have jobs with highly repetitive activities? How can learning times be reduced and productivity increased at the same time? With NUIA, you can optimize work steps in a wide variety of areas, structure the workplace in a meaningful way, but at the same time make it more interesting for your employees.

The optimization of production processes plays an increasingly important role. How can these processes be improved, how can existing work processes be optimized and thus increase efficiency, process reliability and the quality of results? With NUIA you can improve your shop floor workflows by optimising human-machine interactions at the workplace.

PLM solutions such as Siemens Teamcenter or ALM solutions such as Siemens Polarion provide a large number of input fields and lists in numerous tabs. The user must switch to the next field/form each time he enters data by moving the mouse or pressing a key combination. Also, frequent copying and pasting into a certain field, which is in a different tab, inhibit productivity.

4 steps to becoming more productive

The introduction of NUIA Productivity+ is not a complex IT project. The software is implemented without interfering with your existing IT infrastructure via a 4-stage process, which we support holistically. Our professional project management ensures targeted planning as well as support and coaching in all phases of your NUIA project. Together with you, we define framework conditions, goals, milestones and define the scope of the project. The process is structured as follows:

1.  KPI stage:

Testing and optimal adaptation of the NUIA software to the hardware/software objectives as well as the defined framework conditions and objectives

2.  Customizing stage (Optional):

Integration of further applications within the NUIA platform

3.  Ramp-up stage:

Recommendations for further implementation within the company and integration of the learnings from the test

4.  Live stage:

Workshop to define the planned roll-out and to introduce and train users