The benefits of Natural User Interaction in all applications


Natural User Interfaces (NUI) make use of abilities that humans have acquired throughout their lives – which means less cognitive effort and less distraction. Mouse and keyboard are replaced by familiar forms of interaction such as language, gestures or glances. Natural User Interfaces are easy to use and feel natural.


Countless applications that are in daily use in companies can benefit here and become more convenient, efficient and secure in interaction. However, most applications are not designed for this new interaction.


The solution is called NUIA: Our generic framework brings the advantages of Natural User Interaction to all applications.


NUIA supports all applications and websites generically and has additional integrations for over 100 applications. This includes all common business applications from Microsoft Office to SAP to AutoDesk. Additional applications can be easily integrated into NUIA and adapted to your specific workflows.


The use of NUIA at your workstations does not require any adjustments to the supported applications. All functionalities are already provided by the installation of the NUIA Core and the corresponding extensions. For this purpose, NUIA dynamically connects to applications and the Windows operating system via the respective interface (API).


NUIA Core is the heart of our technology. It creates the missing connection of sensors to the respective applications and translates gaze data into commands. Designed and implemented as a middle layer with minimal system requirements, you can implement application control with gaze, speech and gesture at all workstations with minimal effort.

In order to prepare the planning of a company-wide rollout, NUIA Core also offers extensive analysis and reporting functionalities. During an intial KPI phase, these instruments help to identify the workstations and workflows that offer the greatest optimization potential in your company.


The focus of our activities is on computer interaction using gaze data, but also speech and gestures. We are completely independent of manufacturers and support all common eye tracking sensors – whether as external eye trackers or integrated in laptops, monitors or mixed reality headsets. NUIA also supports a wide range of gesture and speech sensors to enable holistic, intuitive human-computer interaction. In addition, natural interaction can also be realized in VR and AR headsets with the help of NUIA.