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NUIA is the ideal environment to enable both existing and new applications with natural user interaction.

Whether this is the initial consult on adding NUI functionality to an existing app, development of completely new apps, working with us to explore the capabilities of your latest sensor device, or simply providing the hosting and online services and infrastructure to enable your application, – the infrastructure, extensive experience of our team, and the amazing functionality of our NUIA platform are all at the ready to help accelerate your ideas.


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Across Industries

We offer our services across industries with many different requirements, ranging from individual application development to complete turnkey solutions. Our customers include computer OEMs, sensor vendors, and a strong variety of verticals from the automotive, aviation, medical, pharmaceutical, and the digital signage industry.

Let our experience be the right fit for you!


We want to change the way you interact with your car. Our experience reaches from rapid prototyping interfaces, multimedia interaction, to designing HUD interfaces for the next generation of self-driving cars.

Provided your NUI improvement is not safety-related (e.g., drowsiness detection), NUIA and 4tiitoo stand ready to engage.

Digital Signage

Personalized interaction has proven to be one of the most important key to a higher conversion rate. In the retail store environment, it is hard to get access to the historic data required to create a personal bond and tailor the advertising to an individual.

With NUIA, we are not bound to guessing based on past transactions that may or may not be relevant, but can proactively respond to the consumers current area of interest in milliseconds.


Gaze, gesture and speech are ideal for hands-free PC interaction. With an ever increasing number of computers and automated devices making their way into hospitals, and with over 40% of hospital infections transferred by touch, hands-free interaction offers amazing potential.

Learn here how we have already made media interaction in the surgery room hands-free. Contact us to discuss the far-reaching possibilities!

Supported Applications

NUIA already supports a wide range of the most popular applications from productivity, media, gaming and the web (both websites and applications).

At 4tiitoo we are never content to sit on our laurels, and are constantly adding more to the list. If your favorite application or most trusted productivity software is not yet supported, please feel free to submit it to us.


NUIA provides many Intel RealSense apps and games

Benefit from NUIA

Interactions between people and computers continues to be strongly reliant on 30-year-old technology – namely the mouse and keyboard. Touchscreens only recently added to this experience. With next generation sensors, and software designed for a more natural and intuitive interface, communication between man and machine will improve beyond measure.

Optimized Workflow

Accelerating data input into SAP, enhancing the workflows in call centers or allowing hands-free interaction in production are just some of the opportunities for NUI in workflows.  Contact us to learn how our customers have overcome challenges just like yours!

Comfort 2.0

Whether making interaction with 3D objects more intuitive, using natural gestures to control care environments, or decreasing the negative impact of carpal tunnel syndrome, NUIA will change the way you interact with the digital world for the better.

Your Ideas

You know your environment and your challenges like no other. Your imagination is unlocking the potential of NUIA. What if your computer responded to your requests like a humble servant reacting to normal human-to human interaction paradigms? Let us help you bring your ideas to fruition!


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