Turning Technology into Use Cases

As an emerging technology, new sensor technologies face their strongest challenge in the absence of existing valued use cases.

Whether you have devices with sensor capabilities, are the manufacturer of sensors or sensor powered devices or if you just want to explore the possibilities, contact us to find out how we can enable natural user interaction for your applications (including those that have been around for years), or let us create something entirely new!

With our experience of just how amazing the possibilities are that gaze, speech, and motion can bring to both personal and business computing meets your imagination and ideas who knows what opportunities we can seize?

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Explore the Limits

No matter whether you are planning to add sensor capabilities to an existing product or if you are in the final stages of launching a sensor powered device, NUIA can help.

We offer an ideal platform for rapid prototyping and improving your understanding of the solutions that best fit your customers. 4tiitoo and NUIA offer a wealth of experience with natural user interaction solutions, as well as intimate knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of individual sensors.

With the help of our solution consultants, your technology can be perfectly aligned with the sensor capabilities chosen at any stage of development!

NUIA supports multiple OS and sensors like eyetracking 3d cameras speech recognition

All inclusive Solutions for Consumers

After a great deal of initial excitement over natural user interface technology, consumers want and expect to see content and features with real added value applied to the devices they use daily. Motion, voice, and gesture control must be brought beyond excitement, and applied to devices and programs of daily, productive value. Browsers, office applications, operating systems, and top gaming titles all need to be enriched by natural user interaction in order to make a natural, comfortable computing environment possible.

The extensive range of applications coming as part of the NUIA environment is not only the best head start you can get in development, but also the best way to regain that initial consumer excitement at the idea of controlling a device with motion and voice.

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Special Solutions for Business Customers

The most demanding customers are business customers, and with good reason. Workflows, functionality and requirements are very specific and can be unique to the business in question.

While NUIA comes with the standard office software enabled, being able to offer customized solutions, based on real-world use cases, makes you stand out from your competitors.

Designed from the ground up for delivering efficient customization and rapid enabling, NUIA will make it simple to respond quickly to your customer’s requirements and wishes.

With NUIA’s rapid prototyping capabilities, you will be able to show off key concepts early in the sales process. For the finished production solution, you can rely on the hardened foundation of NUIA technology. From development stage to after-sales-support, for the world’s most demanding customers, NUIA has you covered.


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